State Democrats Shun Democratic Process!


Are we living in a Third World Country? What are the Democrats thinking?

The actions by the elected Democrats in Wisconsin are now spreading to other states and are a disgrace to them, the voters in their states, the Democratic Party, and our country. This is not the way our Founding Fathers intended our nation to function and is an embarrassment for the USA in the rest of the world. At all levels of government, America should be an example of the proper functioning of the democratic process to those countries that are struggling to establish representative governments. The actions in Wisconsin are not the way to do this. Perhaps the only actions left for the Democrats to further stifle and prevent the democratic process from working is to engage in actual physical restraint against the elected Republican majority. This is not pretty and is a travesty.

On the other hand, although I do not agree with the nonelected Democrat and union demonstrators in Wisconsin, I fully support their rights do so, as long as they remain peaceful and nonviolent. I also commend Governor Scott Walker for his restraint and appeals to absentee Senators to return and perform their responsibilities.

At local, state, and national levels, our democracy is based on periodic free and fair elections by the people of representatives to meet, debate, and vote on issues important for our society, subject to the limits of our Constitution.  The Democrat Senators in Wisconsin (and now Indiana) are shunning their responsibility to the people of their state by abdicating their obligations to perform the functions for which they were elected. In doing so, they are violating the trust of the people, shutting down the government, and undermining our democracy. The people in Wisconsin and other states have already spoken with their votes and deserve better from their elected representatives. The elected Democrats are morally, and I hope legally, required to perform their proper role by returning to the state, debating the issues, and voting on them. They are not entitled to simply walk off the job and shut down the governing process because they disagree with elected majority. They should not be paid and would be fired in the private sector. This is not how our democracy works.

The democratic process is currently broken in Wisconsin and a properly functioning government needs to be immediately restored. The nonparticipating Democrats are cowards who need to be censured for their refusal to appropriately represent the people who elected them. Upholding the freedoms upon which our country was founded also means the fulfillment of responsibilities by elected representatives.

The Democrats need get with the program and support our democracy.

The Old Guy PhD

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