Yes, I really do have a PhD, in finance with emphasis on international from one of the largest state universities in the southeast. In addition to the PhD, my educational background includes an engineering degree from one of our military academies and an MBA from an Ivy League School.

My multiple-career background has encompassed being an officer in our armed forces, a manager/executive in domestic and international business for over 25 years, and for the last 18-22 years, an educator in graduate and undergraduate management and business programs in both domestic and foreign colleges and universities.

I recently retired from one of these institutions and wish to continue to inform and educate interested citizens regarding my strong beliefs in democracy, individual freedoms, free markets, sound fiscal and monetary policy, economic growth, and the need for limited government. My periodic posts will primarily cover these subjects.

The opinions expressed in my posts are mine alone and I apologize in advance for any errors of omission or inaccuracies. They are unintentional.

Thanks to those of you visiting the website.

The Old Guy PhD 🇺🇸

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