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This Blog is dedicated to promoting individual freedom, free markets, sound fiscal and monetary policy which supports economic growth, and limited government. In other words, it is dedicated to the principles for which this country fought in the Revolutionary War and were subsequently established by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, these important concepts, which have been embedded in our society for over 200 years, have been in the process of erosion for most of the last century and never more so than during the last few years. It is because of my belief that America is losing its way that I would like to participate in informing as many as are interested in where we can improve and return to our original principles. We have a great country, a great heritage, and a great culture. Let us keep them.

The opinions expressed in this Blog are mine and mine alone and, while I will make every effort to report accurately some mistakes will inevitably be made.  For these errors, I apologize in advance and can assure you they will not be deliberate. This Blog is not intended to be an academic or scientific research publication. Please read it with this in mind.

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